Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rough Couple of Weeks

Before I get into all the negatives, Savannah has been awesome. No complaints with her.

She's sleeping through the night every night, we've got her on a semi decent schedule. She's laughing, babbling, squawking, and giggling. We had her baptized last weekend and the deacon asked if she was always that good. We said "Yes and we know we are lucky!". She laughed as he poured water on her head. I've never had another baby but if they all were this incredible I'd sign up to have ten more! Fortunately to save my ute from the trouble, my brain and gut scream that they aren't all like this. Good thing that I have planned to just enjoy her for awhile. She's growing so fast and I'm trying to savor every second.

We started cereal last weekend and she hasn't seemed to be a big fan. The rice cereal seemed to make her gassy and she doesn't seem to like the taste of the oatmeal as much. I think that once her highchair arrives (scheduled for tomorrow), we are going to jump on over to veggies and see how that goes.

Now, time for complaints! Two weekends ago, I got an extremely painful clogged duct. It was clogged for a few hours and it absolutely killed my supply. I had to try and squeeze in extra pump sessions at work. Thankfully my boss was gone and wasn't hounding me every fifteen minutes. Monday I was getting maybe 2 ounces out of normally 5-6 ounce sessions. I was freaking out and hoping it wasn't permanent. No need for all the tears, my supply was back up by the end of week.

The next week rolls around and lo and behold, I cannot get a letdown to save my life during my middle of the night pump. I try for 45+ minutes two nights in a row and nothing. Barely get an ounce. I end up grabbing S to feed her for fear of getting another plugged duct. What is strange is that I could pump at work just fine. It was extremely frustrating. I found my trick after a few nights, I went down a size of flanges and finally ended up taking only fifteen minutes to get a let down. That night I pumped out ten ounces. I felt like old Jen again! Ever since I had dropped the middle of the night pump and picked it back up again, I wasn't getting that much. I also had J bring the glider back downstairs because I suspected my boobs had gotten used to my feet being propped up like I have them at work. They are getting fickle.

Then the weekend came and I got another plugged duct. I'm still not 100% sure how or why this one popped up. Luckily I caught it quickly and was able to get S to work it out. This one didn't have any affect on my supply this time, which I am thankful for.

I'm pretty over breastfeeding, I'm really ready to have my body back. The biggest problem is that I feel guilty quitting when I obviously can feed her and keep her mostly satisfied. Some women would kill for that. The other thing is that she's doing so well on breast milk, I mean, would you look at those cheeks, those thighs, and those rolls?? I also love the benefits for me, I'm still losing weight and can eat what I want. Take that Jillian!! I've lost over 40 lbs since giving birth and I'm under where I started by now.

My goal was six months, now it's a year. I swear though, if I get many more of these plugged ducts, I'm done. I don't love breastfeeding but it's cheaper than formula!!

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