Monday, December 28, 2009

Third Trimester....Whooooohoooo!!!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated on our progress. I knew I had been slacking, but didn't know how bad. I apologize!!!!! Please forgive me. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

We have officially made it to the third trimester and I am so excited that we made it to this milestone. If she had to come early, I'm feeling ok about it. Obviously, I hope she stays in there for the time being and we make it to 38-40 weeks until she gets her eviction notice. (Dear Baby Girl....I'm good with you arriving around March 15. You don't have to wait until March 28th.)

Let's see, what's last doctor appointment was almost two weeks ago by now, just after my last blog entry. Official weight gain at 25 W 3 D was 17 pounds. My biggest complaint is this pain in my left rib. I hate it. Doc says I'm pretty much S.O.L. until she comes. :-( There's nothing to do for it. She said that I can't take any muscle relaxers or use any of the sports cremes for muscle pain because they are aspirin based. It pretty much hurts when sitting. Walking or standing helps, but then I get tired of being on my feet. Sleeping is good too, but sometimes still uncomfortable. It gives me a good hour or so in the morning before the pain comes back.

Thankfully, I'm not having any swelling anywhere yet. Breathing is starting to get hard. There's just no room here already. Sleeping is hit or miss. I have good nights and bad--bad is where I have slight panic attacks in the middle of the night. The latest one was that she doesn't have enough clothes yet and what if she comes before my shower and we're not ready??? My mind starts racing and it makes me want to get out of bed and take some kind of action to make myself feel better. Usually though there's been nothing I can do at that very moment other than try to clear my head and fall back asleep.

We had a full 3d/4d ultrasound the Friday before Christmas. There was a place running a "Holiday Special" on one of their packages. We ended up sticking one of the pictures in a frame and giving to the grandparents as one of their presents. We managed to keep the u/s a secret so we could surprise them with the picture. I was a little disappointed as she wasn't very cooperative. She had been very active all morning and wouldn't you know, just as soon as I got there, she chilled out. She was breech and hanging out on the right side of my ute. I could tell that morning before I got there, my stomach was very lopsided and funny looking.

She did keep trying to show us her feet, showing Justin that she takes after me already--that she is ready for cute shoes. "Shoes in this size please guys. Thx." She also kept pointing to her ears. (Ummmm I wasn't planning on piercing those for you dear. Not for awhile. You'll have to wait on those diamonds. But hit daddy up for the both of us, will ya?)

Here's the photo we gave the grandparents:

Here are a couple more:

I actually had an ultrasound today to look at her kidney again. These pictures aren't as good and I'm too lazy to get them scanned in. She looked about the same, but sort of it was too early to be taking her photo? Anyway, the kidney was still a bit dilated, but they said the good news is that is isn't getting worse. So, next step is simply to come back in another six weeks to measure again. She was measuring 2 lbs, 7 oz....which is surprising to me. The tech said that was normal, to me that sounds big considering 7 weeks ago she was only 12 oz. But its good she's putting on weight and it's not just me.

And, what you've all been waiting! Haha.
(27 weeks, 1 day)
Clothes on:

My super sexy (not) maternity jeans:

And ba-boom...full nekkid belly:

I thankfully have the week off of work and would love to work on the nursery....however my freaking bedding isn't here yet. I give it until the end of January and then I'm going with plan B. I hopefully will be able to get the closet dividers and mobile made and I'll post pics once I've gotten them done or far enough.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Growing, growing, growing

Thankfully, I passed the 1 hour Glucose test. The orange drink wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great either. My iron levels were low though, so I have to add an iron supplement to my rotation of daily pills and try to eat more spinach and red meat.

I feel enormous, but as of this morning I was down a pound for an unofficial total weight gain of 14 at 25 weeks, 1 day. I'm curious to see what the official number is on Wednesday at my appointment.

I have to post some pictures of some super cute stuff I got for the baby girl. Wait, I have to take them first......

Anyway, here's a picture from late last week at 24 weeks, 5 days.