Wednesday, October 21, 2009

17 weeks

18 more days until the big ultrasound!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?!?

I don't have a lot to say.....trying to stave off a bladder infection (again), and having food aversions now. Nothing sounds good, nothing tastes good.... ::sigh:: Wait, the only thing that sounds good ever are waffle fries/french fries. I'm not a huge french fry eater, but geez, I could seriously eat them all day now.

I went shopping over the weekend and stocked up on some clothes. The only problem is that I am having a hard time with shirts. I don't like the "traditional" maternity shirts, with the tie or the empire waist. I'm too short to look good in them, I think they make me look fat and like I'm trying too hard (to look pregnant). I also don't like the side ruching shirts. I like plain maternity shirts that look like normal shirts. I'm trying to maximize the trend of loose, flowy, drapey shirts and keep wearing regular shirts for awhile. I'm sure there might be a time when I don't have that option, but I hope that comes much, much later. Anyway, I got some things at Gap that I'm really excited to wear, I love the fact that they seem to be the only place I can find button down shirts for work that are normal looking!

I'm feeling quite large already. I'm sure I don't look *that* big, but so far, I'm feeling big. It's also getting uncomfortable...I think my organs are all being shoved around. Somedays I feel like my stomach is going to rip open Alien style.

(The shark tat wanted to make an has been neglected lately.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm just going to throw this out there. I am a genius and I know my husband all too well. ::grins::

Let me rewind. Last week, I asked Justin when he wanted to start working on the nursery and getting some ideas, maybe pricing some furniture. He said, "In a few months." I was a little miffed, so I brought up the fact that furniture could take a few months to come in--depending on what we pick out and from where. He grumbled and agreed to go look at some things on Sunday.

We went to Babies R Us (aka BRU) and Buy Buy Baby to look at some furniture and play with some of the carseats/travel systems to start to figure out what we like. He got a little more enthusiastic which was cute, but as I predicted, sticker shock sort of killed him. I was banking on using the desensitization method with him on the price of some of these items. I knew he was completely clueless as to how much some of this costs, so I thought it really would be better to get the shock over with now, versus 3 months from now when we (or really, HE) was ready to order or purchase some of this stuff. ::rubs hands together:: It was a genius idea I tell you. Pure genius. Because.........

This past Friday, on his own accord, he started browsing Craigslist for some baby things, being the cheapskate frugal person that he is. He found a PBK crib for uber-cheap (too cheap IMO) and made arrangements to go look at it that night. I was on my way home since I had got off work early and he asked if I wanted to meet up with him to look at baby stuff. Sure!!! He wanted to go see if the PBK store had this particular crib. They didn't, BUT, they did have my dream crib - the Larkin model that I've been drooling over for um, I think years now. Justin loved it. Unfortunately, he didn't love the $1,200 price tag...which I'm not a fan of either. I suggested we go to another baby store to look at some more furniture. That place was nice, a little expensive as well, and the stuff that was on sale didn't get great reviews in Baby Bargains. So we went over to BRU and then over to Buy Buy Baby.....where we purchased a nursery set.

I didn't even poke and prod. He got super excited about this one set and I thought it was nice as well. I liked another line a little bit more, but this one was probably a close second anyway, and if he is excited about it and loves it, I won't put up a fight. I know when to pick and choose my battles. I wasn't aware that he was quite ready to buy, but he sat down and signed on the dotted line and we walked out of there as new owners of a set of nursery furniture! We went with the Bonavita Peyton line. Bonavita gets an "A-" in Baby Bargains and they seem to be stingy with their A's. I love the color (Espresso) and the style is nice and simple. We bought the crib, the combo (low dresser to be used as changing table), hutch for the combo, the 5-drawer dresser, and the nightstand. Whew! Oh and we got a crib mattress. :-)

Here's a picture of basically most of what we got:

We just need to find a glider/recliner now and we'll have all the furniture already. I have a feeling the nursery might end up being my favorite room in the house. Justin's so excited about putting the crib together and he's gotten all gung ho all of a sudden about getting ready for the baby. We still have almost six months! But I'm not going to complain because I'd rather have him this way than procrastinating.

Cute thing he said today: "If the baby is a girl, we should put up one of those princess chandeliers in there." Now I don't know what he's picturing, it might be a little gawdy for me as I wasn't planning on it, but I thought that was sweet that he's thinking about decor...and the fact that if its a girl, he's planning on treating her like a princess. I just said, "We'll have to see if it fits in with whatever we end up doing."

On the actual baby front, I had an appointment this past Thursday. The heartbeat had slowed down to 160 bpm, so not much but slightly. I got my flu shot. Best news is that we scheduled the "big" anatomy ultrasound for......November 9th at 3 pm! Very exciting but time is crawling. I hadn't gained any weight since my last appointment, which seemed odd considering my food selection lately. The doc said, "You know, you can indulge a bit if you want." I said, "I have been!!!" She laughed. I'm not living on salads and crackers or anything like that.

Here's a pic from today, 15 weeks!