Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex and the City = Insensitive! (Spoiler)

Overall, I'd say the movie was GREAT! I'll bar any "big" spoilers for you (no pun intended). I'd give the movie a solid B+. It would have scored an "A" in my book except for a comment/comments Charlotte made. I honestly cannot believe that SOMEONE didn't catch this and maybe change it up a bit or cut it out completely. It seems very insensitive of everyone and anyone involved with the whole production to me.

Anyone who has dealt with IF or any T-TTC would understand. There really must have not been ANYONE who had been through that working on the movie. I hate that it portrayed this urban legend that when you "relax" everything just magically happens. That's bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit! I relaxed for about six months early on, we weren't even "trying". By that logic, I totally should have been knocked up long ago.

She throws out the relax comment and she says, "My doctor says that she knows a lot of people that his has happened to! After they stop thinking about it and adopt, they get pregnant." Ugh. I can't believe they went there.

Oooohhhh it jaded me for the rest of the movie. I had read about it beforehand though, so I was just waiting for it. And yup, absofuckinglutely pissed me off.

Bottom line, though, don't let it stop you from seeing it if you already hadn't! It was still as funny and as witty as ever.

A happy SATC quote: "We had each other and then we had you, and then we had everything. Love Mommy and Daddy." -From Season 4, Trey's inscription on the Tiffany silver rattle he ordered for Charlotte/their prospective baby